1. Finish developing Community Centre –
    1. Erection of shed and greenhouse
    2. Finish social space eg pizza oven
    3. Finish developing inside the workshop allocating space for:
      1. Youth activities
      2. Workshops
  • CENTs trading area
  1. Implementation of the Wynyard Wellbeing Town Pilot
    1. Scholarship to Wellbeing Australia Conference in March
    2. Commencement of Wellbeing Families Trial
    3. Schedule of Wellbeing workshops, for example
      1. Yoga, meditation
      2. Positive communication
  • Art, music
  1. Monthly social potluck dinners and panel talks
  2. Collect baseline data on levels of wellbeing in Wynyard
  1. Partnership development
    1. Mailing lists, MOU’s
    2. Joint projects
    3. Wellbeing Alliance
  2. Promotion
    1. Begin monthly newsletter/updates
    2. Stall at Go Nuts race, Gutteridge Gardens, Wynyard – 25th February – to be confirmed
    3. Stall at Eco-Fest, Ulverstone – April


Work with schools to increase Wellbeing Education, and work with parents and parents to be. Discuss with local School Principals a presentation to all staff regarding the science of wellbeing, including the evidence of links between academic success and increased wellbeing. Gain commitment for the introduction of small interventions.