May 2024 Live Well Updates


Our latest movie for film night was Frackman, which was a very engaging film highlighting the extent
of people’s passion for their environment, and their dedication to do what they can to preserve it.

We will soon have an exciting announcement about our next film/s, stay tuned for further

Community Mondays

Community Mondays are picking up pace on Mondays from 10am to 2.30pm. Lots of delicious food, lunch from 12pm. We welcome all those that love to cook and all those that love to eat 🙂
Come along and enjoy a free coffee, conversation and lunch with
new friends. Volunteers and donations welcome.

Live Well Strategy

We have put together a brief graphic of firstly the underlying assumptions of our work,
and secondly a listing of our current projects. There are lots of volunteer opportunities
across these projects.

In the longer term some of the area’s of work we are looking at are promoting the use of our
Community Centre and our Community Farm, using outreach approaches and working with other
organisations in a collective impact approach, and working on our governance processes.

The latter includes the recognition that working in groups can sometimes be challenging, and that of the three important aspects of group wellbeing,

  • accomplishing tasks,
  • effective processes and
  • supportive relationships,

often the latter two are neglected.

While we want to help building community in our municipality, it’s important we build our own internal community too. If you want to help with that, let us know!