MamaBake is a movement of group, big batch baking mothers and is proudly listed as a
Pioneer/Protagonist of the Collaborative Consumption movement.

Collaborative consumption is the shared use of a good or service by a group, multiple people have access to a good and bear its cost.

Mothers come together in small groups in their local neighbourhood to group, big batch bake and go
home with a range of meals cooked for the week!

Benefits of Mama Bake:

  • Gives Mum well needed time off cooking a family meal every night,
  • Creates a tight knit support network at a time when women need it the most
  • Demonstrates to MamaBaker children (the little ones who attend MamaBake sessions) the power and glory of community in action as well as exposing them to new foods, how it’s made etc.
  • Allows the passing on and sharing of kitchen wisdom and recipes.

Mamabake has been running for three years and gathered significant momentum both online and importantly, in real life – effecting very real and positive change to the mothering community