Welcome to the July Wynyard Community Newsletter!

We are working on adding some more colour to the newsletter, but it’s starting to come together…. We are thrilled that our Community Centre in Wynyard is really starting to hum with a great range of groups using it every week, and that our funded projects are also going well. See below for some of the different events happening during July at our Saunders St Community Centre, including the Intergenerational Digital Storytelling event, the End Loneliness morning tea, Art therapy Community Connections, and Winter Warmer breakfasts. And we will soon be announcing our next film night being held on the last Saturday of July.

We are currently investigating using Sociocracy as our method of governance and we wanted to share some thoughts on it for those who have never heard of it. Sociocracy is a theory of governance that seeks to create psychologically safe environments and productive organisations. It involves using consent based decision making, rather than majority voting, which means that no one affected by a decision has any objections to implementing it. It doesn’t mean each person necessarily endorses the decision or believes it is the best one. It means they won’t be negatively affected by it and that it is good enough to try. Each person consents to try it out. It’s view of governance is that how individuals within a team govern themselves is important for steering the organisation, that is, self-organisation. Self-organisation refers to the process of disorganised elements organising as a unified force, the ability of a person to organise themselves toward a purpose. In sociocracy, each person within their domain of responsibility functions as an equal, has the power to make decisions, and contributes equally in reaching goals. In order to do this responsibly, they need to be able to self-organise, to plan and evaluate their own work.