Live Well Tasmania believes that unless the fundamental requirements of well-being are addressed, there will continue to be problems of youth in poverty. For youth to achieve wellbeing, they need to grow up in families where all members can achieve wellbeing, who in turn need to live in communities that support the wellbeing of families.

The research shows that well-being starts in the womb and in early childhood. However, the many stresses families often experience particularly with earning a living in today’s society makes it difficult to give kids the start they need to develop their own wellbeing habits. The concept of wellbeing Towns involves mobilising the whole community within a town to maintain wellbeing habits.

It includes the concept of relative self-sufficiency, that communities can work together to supply a lot of their own needs, particularly food. Community self-sufficiency provides a significance source of wellbeing, it not only provides a strong sense of purpose (and employment opportunities), it also is highly effective at promoting positive social connections.