We aim to begin a trial in the first part of 2017 of wellbeing families where families with school-aged children sign up to receive a free box of vegetables each week, in return for trialling undertaking a six-week positive parenting course and weekly support group sessions

This involves a virtually one on one approach of supporting families, however always only to the level sought by families. The focus is on stress reduction (coaching ways to reduce avoidable stress and to deal with unavoidable stress) and introducing ways of positive communicating to facilitate better relationships and improved self-esteem.

A trial of Wellbeing Streets will depend on members of the community volunteering to organise the trial. One model could be to ask for two families from the one street to volunteer to coordinate (with our help):

  • Monthly ‘get to know the neighbours’ meetings, either at a different house in the street or at the LWT community centre or council hall
  • At the meeting, part of each person’s introduction can include person in the “circle” making a request and the rest of the members in the circle try to use their knowledge, resources and connections to fulfil the request.  The request can be anything … ranging from help with a work project to advice regarding a range of day to day problems.