The Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs) is a community currency initiative of Live Well Tasmania to trade goods, services and skills with others without money.

Through community exchange you buy, sell and pay it forward. Help other people with their Requests or make Requests of your own. Use your talents eg. lawn mowing, transport, home help or sharing your skills and knowledge.

CENTs uses SImbi, a self-driven platform – you manage your account and engage when it suits you. Trade days are hosted at RESEED in Penguin and Live Well Tasmania in Wynyard and we can help other Tasmanian communities wanting to host their own Trade Day and establish a local trading network.

We are always looking for people to coordinate the program in their own community giving you an opportunity to earn simbis from us. Contact us if you would like any assistance or want to know more.

It is FREE to join CENTs. Sign up for your free account here:

For more information and upcoming Trade Days check out