The Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs) is a program of Live Well Tasmania. You can trade your goods, services and skills with others without money.

Our community exchange allows you to buy, sell, share, swap, barter and gift your wares. You can help other people or they can help you in lots of different ways by using your own talents.  We value your skills even though they may not be valued by society generally. If you can mow a lawn, weed a garden, offer childcare, help someone with transport  or teach someone a new skill then you are well on your way to trading with CENTs. You can buy goods from others in the community to help you meet your day to day needs. You can also access services that may be out of reach in the normal economy.

It is FREE to join CENTs.  All transactions made through the exchange attract a levy charged against both the buyer and seller. This funds the Administration to provide the software and platform for this valuable network to the community of Tasmania.

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