Discussion Paper – Future of Work January 2018

Introduction Live Well Tasmania (LWT) was established in 2015 with a mission to help youth achieve wellbeing via a whole of community wellbeing approach. LWT is particularly concerned about ensuring that the whole way that work is distributed and the types of work that are available be transformed to support the wellbeing of youth, particularly 

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Newsletter – January 2018

Live Well Tasmania are pleased to introduce our Newsletter which will incorporate the latest news from us and like minded organisations based in and around Wynyard Tasmania. Click below to see what we’ve been up to. Live Well Tasmania Newsletter    

Discussion paper – A proposal for a Tasmanian Trial of a Basic/Participation Income/Youth Guarantee

The following is a Discussion Paper prepared by Dr. Robin Krabbe from Live Well Tasmania 17/10/2018   Discussion paper – A proposal for a Tasmanian Trial of a Basic/Participation Income/Youth Guarantee   Prepared by Robin Krabbe, PhD, Coordinator – Live Well Tasmania, October 2017. Contact details for further enquiries: [email protected], mob. 0421 461 724.   

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Meet the Participant

This is Isaac Cumming of Wynyard. Isaac has worked with Max Employment for the last two years. He has been working with Live Well Tasmania on our Community Centre project under the supervision of Glenn Venner. Isaac has been doing numerous jobs at the centre and has been enjoying his interactions with other participants. “People 

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NERF Comes to Wynyard

Our first Nerf Day was a success! We had nine excited boys attend the day in Wynyard. We first did some setting up of lots of imaginative ‘hide-outs’, then it was play time! There was lots of activity, picking of teams and working out different games – we were very proud of the way the 

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Onsite works

Spring has sprung and so has the hive of activity in and around the Live Well Tasmania Centre.  Steady progress is underway with our Work for the Dole programs with a wonderful array of horticulture, construction and landscaping works adding to the centre’s visual amenity.