Free on-line Health and Wellbeing courses!

The University of Tasmania, Faculty of Health, has developed a number of exciting fully-online units to increase community awareness and skills in areas such as healthy living and social engagement. Students can study a variety of topics from using wearable technology to developing their own mental health toolkit or how the arts can help improve your health and wellbeing.

For many potential students, the cost of university study is a significant barrier, and those who haven’t studied for some time appreciate the opportunity to develop confidence in their ability to succeed at university without the pressure of tuition fees.  In addition, we believe that the development of skills in these units is critical to community health outcomes.

Current offerings:

“The Art of Wellness” short course is online and completely free:

We have over 2000 students enrolled from all over the world including many art therapists, nurses, carers, artists and psychologists and are receiving some wonderful feedback!

In “The Art of Wellness” students will learn how visual art practices are used in expressive therapies, community healthcare initiatives, and enhancing community health benefits. Central to the learning are many hands-on visual arts activities aimed at introducing the key principles of visual arts based practices in healthcare. The short course takes students around 6 hours to complete.

“The Art of Wellness: Visual Arts and Health”

“Technology for Healthy Living” is offered without tuition fees*, is fully online and available to all Australian citizens:

Technology for Healthy Living is designed to give students an understanding of the technologies that can help alter their daily activities to live a healthier lifestyle. Participants will receive the new FITBIT® Flex 2 as part of their participation in this unit.

“Technology for Healthy Living”

“Self-Care for Mental Health and Wellbeing” is offered without tuition fees*, is fully online and available to all Australian citizens:

“Self-Care for Mental Health and Wellbeing” helps students understand and maintain a healthy mind and general wellbeing. It explores determinants that may impact upon mental health, using stories and vignettes form experts and members of the community. Students will investigate tools, processes and approaches to maintaining mental wellness, as well as examine approaches to developing resilience and coping with stress.

Applications close on the 27th of February.

“Self-Care for Mental Health and Wellbeing”