Annual General Meeting

Do you want to be part of a group committed to a good life for all? Live Well Tasmania aims to improve the wellbeing of youth via a whole of community wellbeing approach. We are currently developing a ten year plan towards achieving this. Please join us on:

Friday 28th September 2018 @ 430pm
Live Well Tasmania – 28 Saunders Street, Wynyard

We currently have the following positions seeking to be filled at the upcoming AGM:


Vice President



Public Officer

General Committee Member

If you would like a position description for any of these roles please email you request to

We welcome all skill levels and can recommend a role based on your skill set and interests.  Please talk with us further about how you can be part of our organisation.

Note you can be paid a CENTs stipend for your contribution (see a LWT program involving trading goods and services without money).

Contact Robin for further information – 0421 461 724,

Tania – 0458 078 455