Get on Your Bike

There’s more to bike riding than grabbing your helmet and taking off.

Penguin physiotherapist Janye Grubits-King said it was important for riders to know how to adjust their bike to avoid injuries.

“The things that I mostly see are seat heights being too low and that can cause knee pain and occasional hip pain,” she said.

“It’s a non-weight bearing sport and it’s often prescribed to people who can no longer run and jump.

“But if the bike isn’t set up properly sometimes it can exacerbate their problems.”

She said those looking to purchase a bike should find a reputable bike shop that can help them find the right bike for the style of riding they want to do.

“Sometimes the high-end bikes are for racing and are not always suitable.

“I don’t think money has to come into it. For me the main thing is are you comfortable on that bike because that means you’re probably going to ride it.”

Anyone will be able to get free expert fitting advice at the Penguin RESEED Centre on Saturday, September 7, from 10am to 3pm.

At this Live Well Tasmania event, Mrs Grubits-King will be running demonstrations on how to set up a bike with cleats (clip in pedals) at 10.30am and without cleats at 1pm.

People can try an electric bike or recumbent trike and get help with basic bike maintenance. Join a family ride at 2pm.

For more information or to RSVP, contact Kelly on 0429 186 532 or [email protected]

The Advocate SEPTEMBER 3 2019
Learn how to fit your bike for your body at Penguin’s RESEED Centre
Sarah Lansdown