Waratah-Wynyard Council Update

Tulip Festival Month Long Program of Events UPDATE:

The Tulip Festival (Spring Loaded) program 2024 will start on Friday September 27 with a free Drive-In Movie event and finish on Friday November 1 with late night shopping and a street market.  The Tulip Festival will be featured in the program on Saturday October 12.

Once again, Waratah-Wynyard Council are looking to the community to see what different events they can offer that will appeal to a diverse audience of different ages and interests.

Inclusion in the Tulip Festival Program is absolutely free!

Even though it seems like a while away, Council needs to lock in events by the end of June,  as the program goes to print in early July ready for August distribution to get in as many hands as possible across the state.

Council is looking to diversify what is on offer and would like to feature any activities scheduled for October in the program.  The program will have a wide reach and will enable more people to be aware of your activities.  If this is something you would like to be a part of, please let Council know as soon as possible, and we can get the details included.

[email protected] with Spring Loaded in the subject line. See the website at https://www.warwyn.tas.gov.au/tulip-festival/

There are plenty of free and more luxe experiences for our community and visitors to our area to enjoy this month!  Great opportunity to connect with community and embrace winter!

Permission to Trespass – North West Tasmania

Unlock the secrets of the North West coast of Tasmania this winter with “Permission to Trespass,” a unique event in June 2024 that grants exclusive access to private properties in the stunning Wynyard and Table Cape areas. Experience the rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes that are usually off-limits to the public,  this Winter you will be given  “PERMISSION TO TRESPASS!”

Events include Moonlight Stories, a projected visual and auditory light show, tunapri, on the Table Cape Lighthouse, long table dinners and workshops, enter a Whisky Bond Store for a premium tasting or jump on a Spirited ghost tour (in more ways than one). There is something for everyone who want an intimate understanding of place and people.

Discover something new behind the locked gates this winter in North West Tasmania…Permission Granted!

Waratah-Wynyard Youth Leaders (WWYL)

Tasmanian Youth Forum   17 May 2024

Housing for Young People

Every year Youth Network of Tasmania (YNOT) hold a Youth Forum and invite youth from all over Tasmania. The Tasmanian Youth Forum (TYF) is one of Tasmania’s largest annual youth events for young people aged 12-25 years.

TYF brings young people together from across the State to share their views and opinions on youth issues, as well as ideas and solutions for improving outcomes for young Tasmanians.

Forums are topic based, with a different topic selected each year. Past topics have included building a better Tasmania, the online environment, health and wellbeing, housing and homelessness and employment.

This year’s theme was Housing for young people.

Ten WWYL along with Kelly (Youth Officer) attended the Forum, we broke into two groups, our WWYL shared tables with students from Scottsdale High School, a Home Schooler, and Riverside College for the day. The forum was emceed by Penguins Dylan Hesp who brought high energy to the room.

Activity One – Housing Privilege for Sale

A game that encouraged the young people to explore some common biases and privileges that may help and hinder housing options for young people.

Activity two – The World Café

The tables worked as one group to explore ‘What must we keep, change and create to make housing affordable, accessible and appropriate for young people.’

The young people discussed and responded to the questions below:

  • Keep: What is working Well? How does this help young people to access or keep a home?
  • Change: What doesn’t work well? Why is this a problem, and how does it impact young people?
  • Create: What do we need to do to solve these issues? What can make this better? Is there something that you know about elsewhere that may help? Why would it work?

Activity three – Let’s Find a Solution for Housing

The emcee Dylan shared some existing programs, policies and initiatives that support young people with housing in Tasmania. The young people reflected on the information they gathered from the previous activity, then began to get creative and think about what is needed for young people to access and keep a safe, appropriate, and affordable home.

The young people shared their ideas, how it can work and what issues it will solve.

Our WWYL groups poster where on:

  1. Youth Housing: Social Housing Options for Young People

This group came up with a design like the NW River Bend Youth Centre and included the young people learning skills and help with the running of the housing. They designed the facility with suggestions and explained how it would work and what they needed to do to create this in detail. They suggested instead of building a new facility, that the space be created from an unused existing building: see what is available.

  • Liveable and Inclusive Communities for Young People

This group addressed Accessibility, Affordability, Safety, Support and Opportunity and presented solutions on their poster.

WWYL Meet the Councillors – 27 May 2024

The WWYL had the privilege to attend a Council Workshop with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors, and members of the WWC Executive Team.

Our mayor asked WWYL to introduced themselves, this was reciprocated by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors, and members of the Executive Team to introduce themselves and what they do at council.

The WWYL spoke about why they joined WWYL and what they like and how WWYL has benefited them. The main points from WWYL where: to connect and meet new and old friends, running events and to build their confidence overall and with public speaking.

The youth reported on:

1.The Youth Week Event:  WWYL also asked the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors involved in this event what they thought about the event and if they would like to see it run every year? Yes is the answer!

2.The Tasmanian Youth Forum (TYF)

3. “If they were Mayor” WWYL spoke about If they were Mayor and what they would like to see happen in Wynyard and Why.

Some ideas are:

Gather & Glow Event

7 June 2024, 5 – 7pm

WWYL are partnering with Bronte from The Vinnies Van to make nutritious soup and have it available for the community at the Gather & Glow even for a donation. They will also have positive sayings on the cups 😊

The donations will go towards buying items for The Vinnies Van to hand out on their regular rounds, they offer:

  • A warm, nutritious meal, fresh fruits, baked goods and hot and cold drinks
  • Information and referrals to other community services and government agencies
  • Support, compassion, and friendly face

Please visit the WWYL and The Vinnies Van and grab yourself some soup made by these amazing people.

For all information about the WWYL contact Kelly Milikins: [email protected] 

                                                              6443 833 or 0448 356 080