Long table lunch about healthy living

The Advocate
March 19 2018
Lara Hay

A three-course buffet for under $10 and entertainment thrown-in, surely it can’t be true?

Live Well Tasmania, based in Wynyard, will be hosting a long table lunch on March 28 and will be serving up locally organic grown produce with entertainment provided by Wynyard High students.

This is the second event as part of a series being offered around physical and mental well-being thanks to the organisation, a grant from Healthy Tasmania and the Waratah-Wynyard Council.

Coined “2018 Wynyard’s Year of Well-being”, the idea is to educate and help people in the community about a range of services and healthy lifestyle choices such as physical activities like bike riding and what to do with an abundance of tomatoes.

Tickets can be purchased at the council office in Wynyard. For further details, locations and times, visit Live Well Tasmania on Facebook.